DIY—Flower Pavé Box Inspired By a Shop in Tokyo

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On a recent trip to Japan, I had lunch at Nicolai Bergmann, a chic cafe and flower shop in the Omotesando area of Tokyo. When I spotted these flowers cleverly disguised in a beautiful gift box, I knew they were simply too fabulous not to try back at home.


Holiday Cards

My iPhone camera couldn’t quite do these gorgeous gifts justice / A much better picture I found online! Credit: Ms Fancy Pants Tokyo

I enlisted the help of Sue-Jean Chun of Hillside Flowers to bring my vision to life. I decided on a red and pink palette, as I love bold, strong color. When it comes to the flowers I use for events and DIYs, I can’t stand fillers or greenery disrupting the harmony of the petals. It’s a total pet peeve of mine! I prefer tight arrangements, and the more flowers I can fit into the bowl or vase, the better.


DIY Flowers


What you’ll need

  • Waterproof floral paper
  • Foam blocks, soaked in water
  • Flower buds cut to be about 1.5 to 2 inches in length (in this case we used roses, orchids, ranunculuses, and coxcomb, but use whatever you like)
  • A square box (we used one that was 8 inches square and 2.5 inches deep)


Assemble the box

First, line the box with waterproof floral paper, and then place the foam blocks inside the box. Cut the paper to the top edge of the foam.


DIY Flowers


Trim the flowers so they sit in the foam but don’t go above the lip of the box. Remember, you want your flowers tight but not too high, so the lid doesn’t crush your beautiful work.


DIY Flowers


Punch it up with contrast

The orchids add interest with differing texture and color. This touch really brings the arrangement together.


DIY Flowers


Package it up and send it off

Once all the flowers are neatly placed, close the box and wrap it with a ribbon. Something sparkly conveys a winter holiday feel—and, let’s be honest, I always like a little sparkle!


DIY Flowers


Now imagine someone receiving this as a gift. Most people would expect a box of this size to be filled with chocolates, so the bountiful flower arrangement will be a delightful surprise—pure, unexpected decadence!


DIY Flowers