Who Doesn’t Like Cookies the Size of Dinner Plates?

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I’ve come up with some of my best and most creative ideas while working on children’s parties.

Kids have such a sense of fun and adventure, which makes it easy to plan a fantastic time for them. And, of course, children’s parties = SWEETS!




I absolutely love witnessing the joy on a child’s face as he or she shovels frosting and candy onto whatever baked good project is at hand—that moment of pure delight that comes with overloading on sugar. With that in mind, I thought, How can I turn that into a party? 

That’s when the idea for the giant cookie decorating party was born. Here’s what you’ll need to plan your own:


Naked cookies

The Great Cookie makes large cookies (9.5 inches), which I ordered without any decorations. Place a cookie at each table setting on a colored napkin or an easy-to-clean plastic place mat, as seen in the picture above. Provide various colored frosting, ready-to-use gel tubes, sprinkles, colored sugars, marshmallows, assorted gummy candies, and other fun toppings (see below for resources), and let the kids have at it!


Sparkle gel / Sprinkles / Sugar gems



Wilton online has almost everything you could want to decorate the cookies. If you are in the Maryland area, the Cake Cottage is a great resource, as well. Always buy MORE than you think you need, as running out of toppings is not pretty—trust me. For candy by color, I like to order online from Candy Warehouse  or  Nuts.com.  If I am in New York, I love going to Economy Candy or my new favorite Sockerbit (pictured below).



Sockerbit / Candy (clockwise from top): Sour skull gummies, watermelon sours and marshmallows


Cookie boxes  

In order for the guests to take home their creations—assuming they haven’t polished them off by the end of the party!—I recommend pizza boxes. I like to customize them by adding a fun sticker or by giving the kids colored markers to decorate them. ULINE has a nice selection of different-size boxes.


Personalized aprons or chef jackets

The Shirt Shack has great options for kid-size aprons or chef jackets. Contact the store at ShirtShack@mindspring.com or 1-800-304-0032. Give the store at least four weeks’ notice so you have time to personalize them.